Hammer Mills

2012-03-13 11:04

Good preparation is very wise if you want to set up a complete wood pellet production line. It is reasonable that small pellet mill machines can't meet demands of all the people. It helps to learn how to prepare for the material needed in the pellet processing when starting a complete wood pellet production line. You should have a clear understanding of the material, you must know the size you want of the process at the very first. , Hammer mill is a machine which is used to crush the material by the collision between hammer and materials. It is apply to processing raw materials such as the branches, cotton stalk, corn straw, wheat straw less than 50 mm size (diameter). The diameter of output size can be reached 3-5 mm after grinding, so it is suitable for further processing, this kind of hammer mill is equipped with feed mill machines. From the big aspect, hammer mill is to directly break material largest size for 600-1800mm to material 25mm or smaller. This kind of hammer mill is suitable the cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy crushing medium hardness materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal.

The basic theory of hammer mill is simple, hammer mill is actually a steel drum composed by a vertical or horizontal axis or drum on which a hammer is installed. Hammers on both ends of the cross swing without limit, or fixed the central rotor. The rotor with high speed rotates in the drum, raw materials is fed into a hopper. Under the impact of the hammer, materials go through the screen and expelled of the election process in the size selected. Hammer mill is a really strong device, generally break wood pieces into smaller sizes pelletable completely. Such a devise is made by a rotating shaft, use metal hammer in order to carry out the cuts. Hammer will crush the original wood. Different mesh screen are available so we have different sizes through a equipment collecting barrel decline. Composed by the hammer crusher, rotor, hammer, counterattack lining board, plate, characteristics of hammer mill are: hammer adopts the new process of casting, has wear-resisting, impact resistance. Manufacturers can adjust the size according to requirements of customers. The hammer structure is sealed, solved dust pollution and the ash leakage problem of broken workshop. The overall is designed beautiful, compact structure, the vulnerability is small, easy maintenance, is a upgraded machine. Hammer mill is used for breaking various hard and abrasive weak materials. The material of the compressive strength is no more than 100MPa, moisture content is less than 15%. Coal, salt, wood, gypsum, bricks, limestone, etc many things can be used asa raw materials. Hammer mill can be used in many aspects, such as crushing fiber structure, flexibility and tenacity strong broken wood, paper or broken asbestos and cement to the waste recycling asbestos fiber, etc.